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One thing that we love to do is hear stories from our clients of their experience with Barr Insurance. Hopefully, some of these stories will inspire you as much as they do us. If you would like to share your story with us, you can share it here. (we'd be honored to hear it).

  • I know they would be there for us... Stacie Hall

    "I have been with Barr Insurance for over two years now. I am so thankful that I found them when I did. Mike goes above and beyond to help me and be there when I need him. And what can I say about Tara? Tara is utterly AMAZING!

    If I ever have a problem or question I can go to her. I had an issue one time and she gave me her personal cell phone number so I could call her with the information.

    In December 2011 I was in an accident. I texted her and she messaged me right back and then called to tell me what to do. Mike and Tara helped me so much during this time. It would have been very difficult to make it through that accident and all of the things that went along with it if it were not for them.

    Mike is wonderful! He and I have had long conversations and again, if I ever need him, he is there. Last night I received my new insurance rates since my "at fault" accident. I called him at 7PM and I received a phone call at 9. Something I did not expect. I figured he would call me Monday. I told him the problem and he said he would do some checking and call me early in the week. Well.... He called me this morning (less than 24 hours after our call, and on a Saturday) with new rates. He worked on my insurance rates until he found me something we could afford. He does everything he can to help me save money.

    In closing, I honestly appreciate Tara and Mike more than they can imagine. No other insurance agent I have ever been with has given me the time and help like they have. I know that if I were to have an issue at any time, they would be there for us right then. I also know that when I call their office I will speak to either of them and not 30 different people that have to transfer me a dozen times to get my answer. I love that about Barr Insurance!

    Mike and Tara, thank you for EVERYTHING!"

  • Six weeks ago I was in an auto accident... Ilene Reynolds

    "I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service. Since my first conversation with Mike back in January, your company has continued to "change the way I think about insurance". Mike is the first to answer questions honestly and help me make the best decisions for my individual needs.

    Six weeks ago I was in an auto accident. I called him after hours expecting to leave a message and get a call back in the morning. To my surprise, he returned my call 10 minutes later. His concern was for my well being first and foremost. He then explained to me what steps to take to report the accident to my company as well as the other (at fault) company. He then followed up to make sure I was taken care of by both companies.

    Recently, he was able to help me where no agent ever has in the past...he not only saved me a lot of money on my coverage, but tracked me down at 8pm to let me know he had done so. I was truly impressed with his "service".

    I have sung your praises to whomever will listen. You truly have a unique way of approaching business and customer service and I wish you much success!"

  • I have referred them to over 20 friends and family... Chau Nguyen

    "I've used Barr Insurance for my home and auto since 2005. The service, product knowledge, professionalism, and speed at which Barr Insurance moves is peerless. These guys know what they are doing, they ALWAYS return calls and emails right away, and best of all as a broker they are always able to find the right insurance product and price for my needs.

    I have referred them to over 20 friends and family which I rarely do. Not all insurance agencies are created equal. Simply put, Barr Insurance will exceed your expectations while saving you money at the same time. Good help is hard to find these days, I'm glad I found them."

  • I would highly recommend Barr Insurance to anyone... David Whitfield

    "Barr Insurance has been my insurance agent for many years. They have always done a great job with my insurance needs. I would highly recommend Barr Insurance to anyone who wants the best insurance for the best price. "

  • Customer service is 200%... Printice Raines

    "I have been with Barr Insurance for 3 years now and the experience has been awesome. Mike and Tara are very personal and prompt. I have called after business hours and Mike always takes the time to return the call, where else will you get this service?

    Not only do you get a great insurance representative, you get another family. Customer service is 200% and you get Mike or Tara as your personal rep. I could not have asked for a better insurance agency than Barr Insurance. Thank you guys for the continuing service and the attention that you give. "

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